Weight Watchers Plan – Simple Start

With the beginning of 2014, a leading professional weight reduction company, Weight Watchers, launched its  Simple Start Plan in the American market. With the launch of this exclusive two week long Simple Start weight loss plan, Weight Watchers has further strengthened its foothold in the market. This program is a progressive move by Weight Watchers to make its existing weight loss programs even more powerful, result oriented and efficient. The plan is actually a beginner’s plan which has been modeled as an introductory platform for the new Weight Watchers dieters. It is to be noted that the Simple Start Plan can help in maximum weight loss of 8 pounds or more in the two weeks.

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Simple Start Plan – A Weight Loss Training Drill
weight watchers simple start confettiThe training plan Simple Start will help the dieters in overcoming the accumulated water weight and fat weight with great efficiency because the plan has been strategically designed to create the right kind of calorie deficit in the body. The plan participants would eat three main meals during the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But they would be allowed to consume a lot of snacks too for mid meal hunger pangs. The Simple Start Plan provides a wonderful manner of pre-planned dieting in which new users can start understanding the lifestyle and eating habits that would help them in following the Weight Watchers weight loss programs in a more comfortable manner. The beginners’ plan would be like a training program for the new Weight Watchers members.

Simple Start Converts People to Healthy Eaters
The reason for the failure of most diets is the frequent meal cheating in which the dieters engage as they lose control over their urges to eat fatty and unhealthy food. This happens because their diet plans are not created in a professional manner due to which they don’t exactly know about the food portioning and healthy food selection that could keep them interested in the diet plan. That’s why the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan stands apart. This short term weight loss plan lets you choose your healthy meals from a selection of hundreds of food choices which gives you ample freedom to indulge your taste buds. You will no longer be a meal cheater because you would have delicious food options to eat for all your meals.

The members will learn from the Simple Start Plan that they could still eat delicious food while dieting. The recipes have been tailored to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the users and the Weight Watchers nutrition concept has been kept in mind during the recipe selection. Weight Watchers has ensured that the Simple Start kit would make you consume meals that would be high in proteins, good carbs and fiber. Also, the fat ratio and salt content in the recipes has been kept to a minimum. So, “The recipes included in plan are balanced in nutrients; the kit is worth your cents.”

Weight Watchers Meetings Will Be More Fun!
Weight Watchers meetings have always been very interesting because the members always learn something new at each meeting. With the launch of Simple Start, Weight Watchers plans to make your meetings even more interesting and eventful. The meeting members would have the opportunity to receive the Simple Start kits at the meetings’ venues and they could also learn from their meeting leaders about how to use Simple Start. Simple Start kits are actually very simple to understand and you will have to follow the instructions and tips written in those Simple Start booklets. The existing meeting members can get the Simple Start kits at the Weight Watchers meetings. These Simple Start kits provided at the meetings would be primarily written content presented to the members in the form of illustrative handbooks.

wwsimple_startBut there is a special surprise for the tech savvy Weight Watchers meetings members too! Those who have enrolled will also get a “Simple Start app” that has been specially devised by Weight Watchers for the members. The Simple Start app encapsulates the complete plan and food structure that has been included in the Simple Start booklets. The Simple Start app will help you in watching your food choices even on the go. So, With Simple Start app in your Smartphone, all your extra pounds would be gone! The Online members could also use the Simple Start beginners’ plan online using their subscription codes.

Stop Thinking and Just EAT
It might astonish you that the Simple Start kits can make you lose more than 8 pounds in two week time. The Simple Start kit is not a Pandora box but it is simply a “to the point” and easy to follow guide which provides you information that will help you lose weight. The Simple Start kit will provide you countless recipes that have been presented in an illustrative manner. The graphics given along with each recipe present in the handbooks will give you an idea about how much food should be present in your plate if you want to use less points plus values per meal. Separate recipe sections have been created for all the meals of the day in those Simple Start booklets which will make it even easier for you to make your selection each time.

You will be provided with a lot of tips and tricks for healthy weight loss in the Simple Start Plan. This plan has been created so that the members can enjoy an initial comfortable eating phase without feeling awkward about food portioning, calorie management, points plus management etc. The Simple Start Plan doesn’t require you to think or plan any day because their food consumption itineraries will be provided in a totally planned manner. The cooking ordeals will also end because of such easy to understand recipes provided in the Simple Start kits. You can lose weight by following the Simple Start Plan which just requires you to `eat’.

The points plus system forms an integral part of the Weight Watchers weight loss methodology. But this Simple Start kit has been created in such a manner that you won’t have to calculate the points plus values of all the food items that are consumed throughout the day. The points plus values of the recipes included in the Simple Start kit’s recipes have been calculated in advance by Weight Watchers and they have smartly planned the points plus values’ distribution. For the first two weeks you won’t have to bother yourself with the points plus values. This will give you enough time to make yourself comfortable with points plus system.

Take the Simple Start Challenge; Choose any Dress you Want
The Simple Start plan is suitable to be used by any person irrespective of their gender. Male and female participants will equally benefit from the Simple Start beginners’ plan because it has been created by considering specific food requirements too. Delectable recipes from all the popular cuisines in America have been included in the Simple Start Plan and you would definitely find hundreds of food options that would appeal to you. The best thing about the Simple Start Plan is that you don’t have to be a cook in order to try out the recipes in the kit. As there are a lot of tips for snacking and eating out in the Simple Start Plan, your weight loss journey will be enjoyable undoubtedly.

You will find the recipes extremely easy to understand which will draw you towards healthy cooking even if you haven’t been habitual to cook your meals often. Many of the recipes included in the pre-planned Simple Start guide will be useful for vegan Weight Watchers dieters too.

Final Words for this Simple Start Plan
Simple Start is indeed a completely structured broad spectrum weight loss plan for any beginner who wants to understand the concept of healthy eating in order to lose excess weight quickly. This two week weight loss plan has been well formulated because it caters to the healthy requirements and taste sensibilities of all types of users. The Simple Start Plan possesses immense potential to develop any person’s culinary skills so that he/she can be a smart and healthy cook who can provide nutritious meals to the whole family.  The Simple Start kit by Weight Watchers is not just for the new Weight Watchers members but it’s indeed an American family’s transformation kit that can teach you about lifelong weight maintenance. You not only lose weight without compromising on your lifestyle, but you also end up making your overall weight loss journey much more efficient.

So, it can be said that “New plan participants will be lucky to start weight loss with Simple Start now in order to see their transformation to WOW!”

Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan for 2014 – 4.7 out of 5 based on 129 votes.