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Get 40% Off, $50 Off & Fast 5 for Free with Nutrisystem Discount Codes and Coupons for October 2014! Nutrisystem has helped people out with all sorts of different weight loss goals since 1972. The company has assisted people by producing healthy foods that utilize the glycemic index to make it easier for anyone to lose weight. Today Nutrisystem is changing with a number of new features for 2014. These include some new campaigns alongside a few special programs. The new features that are being offered by Nutrisystem make it one of the most appealing dietary programs for anyone to participate in for all kinds of weight loss goals.

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What’s New for 2014? – Nutrisystem My Way and Fast 5

Nutrisystem has been the most preferred professional meal based weight loss facilitator for the last few decades. It provides the easiest and most convenient weight loss program which revolves around its 28 day meal delivery based weight loss program. The meals provided by the Nutrisystem have to be consumed and some grocery items also need to be included in the daily diet. The Nutrisystem meals are low in fat, bad carbs and salt but sufficient amount of fiber and protein is high in them. Recently Nutrisystem has come up with a brand new weight loss concept named “My Way” which is catching the fancy of the nation because of its uniqueness. Read on to learn about it.

NUTRISYSTEM FAST 5 KITThe Fast 5 is a start up weight loss program from the team of diet specialists of Nutrisystem. The availability of this new Fast 5 diet program and the My Way plan would be from 10th October onwards. The news for the Nutrisystem Fast 5 spread like fire in the media and dieters. This is the first start up kit from Nutrisystem which can give excellent weight loss results. The Nutrisystem Fast 5 promises a whopping `five pound shedding’ in just one week by the sole consumption of crushers, shakes and regular Nutrisystem meals.

Nutrisystem My Way diet plan is the one and only professional weight loss service that takes into account the specific dietary requirements of dieters based upon the scientific estimation of metabolic rates of each person. The maximum weight loss benefit from Nutrisystem meal consumption can be realized through the My Way plan. Based upon certain lifestyle habits and biological data, the exact metabolic rate of each and every Nutri user would be calculated. Then the Nutrisystem meal quantities would be tailored according to the metabolic rate.

Weight can be lost by calorie deficit only if the bad carbohydrate consumption is almost eliminated. This concept is followed in the Nutrisystem `My Way’ diet plan. The Nutri-dieters would consumer meals which would have very low concentration of bad carbohydrates. But the meals would be rich in fiber and good carbohydrates. So, the good carbs would break down really slowly, thus keeping the blood sugar level low. This would force the body to burn the stored fat for energy synthesis.

The Nutrisystem My Way offers ample choice to the dieters when it comes to selection of the 28 day menu. Approximately 150 different types of meals are available in the menu of the Nutrisystem `kitchen’. The structured meals from Nutrisystem are not only mouth watering but they are also very nutritious. When consumed with grocery additions, the Nutrisystem meals fulfill the complete daily nutritional requirements of men and women.

The Nutrisystem believes in `effortless dieting’. That’s why the Nutrisystem meals are packaged in microwave friendly packages. Nowadays Nutrisystem even provides meals that have been frozen. The consumers get a lot of plans under MY WAY like `My Way dinner only plan’ and `My Way weekend only plan’. The dieters can use any of the Nutrisystem plans in convenience with their own lifestyle. For more information on the “My Way” and “Fast 5″ plans and how to get discounts, please visit

Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem has recently introduced new parts to their program. They include a number of features that have been promoted since October 2012 and are currently being promoted online and through television advertisements. The features promoted by Nutrisystem focus on several points dedicated to assisting people with their general weight loss goals.

nutrisystem discount codeOpen the Box, Eat the Food, Lose the Weight!

One of the most unique features of the Nutrisystem diet is the special program that has been set up for participants. This program uses a simple campaign: Open the Box, Eat the Food, Lose the Weight!

How it Works:
1) Participants will order twenty-eight days worth of healthy Nutrisystem food. The customer can order one of many different easy to use programs and even adjust the foods in the diet based on one’s preferences or dietary plans. In fact, there are more than 150 different foods to choose from. Each food is individually measured and portioned to give participants the right amount of food for the diet.

2) The customer will then simply open the box and enjoy the food at the appropriate times. The Nutrisystem diet utilizes a series of meals during the course of an entire day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a dessert and snack. This is all here to keep anyone from feeling hungry during the course of the day.

In fact, the foods include a variety of appealing choices. There are some traditional solutions available including more than thirty different new entrees including Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Parmesan Melt among a few others. Participants can even enjoy desserts like the Cheesecake Bar or Stuffed Apple Pie. Everything is measured and prepared with several dietary standards in mind.

The program even utilizes a number of healthy shakes. They are easy to mix and will provide dieters with several strong health benefits while also keeping them filled during the course of a day. People can enjoy this part of the diet to give them a better amount of support.

3) The customer will then eat the food as directed based on the times of the day for eating and how the food is to be prepared. This may be used alongside fresh grocery foods of all sorts including healthy fruits and vegetables. The foods are all based off of the glycemic index and are available and prepared to include the right amounts of fiber and protein. All participants will continue to feel healthy and comfortable during the course of the entire diet.

4) The participant will then lose weight while on the program.† This is used when a healthy dietary program with fresh food and the foods provided by Nutrisystem are to be used. It is a smart feature that is guaranteed to give anyone success.†

This program can assist people of all sorts including those who have failed to lose weight. In fact, it is estimated that about four out of five people who have used the diet have experienced success with it and have even stated that the program has helped them out when other programs have failed.†

The program is designed to give people the support that they deserve when it comes to losing weight. It is a smart program used to facilitate all sorts of weight loss goals and should be considered well when finding something of value no matter what one’s plans are. This includes cases where one’s lifestyle might be too much of a challenge for a traditional diet. The Nutrisystem program can facilitate different procedures for using losing weight without any hassles coming out of it all.

It’s also made with an incredibly affordable value. It costs as little as eight dollars each day to lose weight on this program.†

Nutrisystem Commercials

Now I Can Moments

Another new part of the Nutrisystem diet is the program’s Now I Can campaign. This campaign entails a number of points relating to how anyone’s life can be a little easier to maintain. Anyone can achieve one’s Now I Can Moment when this diet is utilized.

The reasons why this Now I Can Moment can be achieved with ease are interesting to take a look at. The program uses an affordable value that costs less than ten dollars a day. This means that it can cost less than the price of one lunch to get such a particular campaign going. People can even get fifty percent off of any 28-day Auto-Delivery Plan.† This is made with free shipping in most cases straight to the customer’s door.†

In addition, the diet is capable of facilitating a greater amount of weight loss. The average person can lose about 43% more off of the Nutrisystem diet than if they went with their own diet programs on their own.† This means that it should be easier for a person to stay healthy and to keep the body running while trying to lose weight.

People can also get access to a number of online tools to help them out with facilitating all their weight loss goals. Much of this involves the use of different plans to facilitate anyone’s general plans. The program gives participants access to a variety of tools and procedures dedicated to give them all a variety of different forms of support for whatever it is they might want to get out of a diet.

All of these online tools are free to use. They give people the encouragement that they deserve when it comes to losing weight.

The Now I Can Moments that people achieve are impressive because they prove that there’s no way how people can keep themselves from losing weight. There is a very realistic potential for anyone to lose weight. Nutrisystem is using this marketing campaign as a means of letting people know that they can do whatever they want when losing weight. It’s not going to be too much of a hassle for people to lose weight when they use their program for the needs that they have when getting something going.

Dinners on Your Own

One of the newest parts of the Nutrisystem diet is the Dinners on Your Own campaign. The program is available with plenty of freedom to where the participant will be able choose one’s own dinners while on the diet. This means that the person will be eligible to pick from a variety of fresh foods for dinner based on what that person wants to enjoy.

This is all to give people a little more freedom during the diet while also keeping the cost down because there are no dinners to ship out or order. The dietary changes that are made during the rest of the day should make it easier for anyone to learn how to stick with a healthier plan after a while. It is one of the smartest features of a diet for anyone to enjoy.

As always, the shipping is free and will go directly to the participant’s door.† This should give anyone a better sense of support for keeping a healthy diet running.

This part of the program should give anyone help with dieting while also keeping a sense of freedom up when doing so. It’s a big part of the diet made to give anyone some support for whatever it is anyone might have when trying to keep one’s weight loss goals under control without any problems coming out of it.

Weekends on Your Own

The Weekends on Your Own program is a new part of the Nutrisystem diet that works as a slight extension of the Dinners on Your Own program. Whereas the Dinners on Your Own program involves freedom during the evening portion, the Weekends on Your Own program entails twenty days of food delivered to one’s door with that person have Saturdays and Sundays to oneself. It’s used to give anyone a bit of encouragement while also giving them the opportunity to explore other healthy food options.

This is an enjoyable program that gives anyone the freedom they want. People deserve a number of open solutions for dieting and should strongly consider this choice when finding something of value.

It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to lose weight to enter the Nutrisystem program. Anyone can reach one’s Now I Can Moment when it is used to give anyone a sense of support for losing weight. It’s all available to give anyone the healthiest body that one can have.

Nutrisystem Success Stories

Sue D. lost 20.0 lbs.*“I have reached my weight loss goal, but more importantly, my blood sugar and cholesterol are under control.”

Jonelle B. lost 57.0 lbs.* - “Nutrisystem wasn’t just a diet for me…It totally changed my life!”

Lisa M. lost 115.0 lbs.* - “Now that I’ve lost the weight, I feel like I’m in my 20s even though I’m almost 40!”


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