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Weight Watchers Plan for 2014 – Simple Start

Lose More Than 5 Pounds In Two Weeks With The “Simple Start Plan” From WW Boot Camp
After delving deeper into technology and devising special weight loss mobile apps, Weight Watchers surprised its members further with a weight loss plan known as Simple Start.  As the name suggests, the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan was devised in order to simplify the beginning of the weight loss journey with this leading weight loss company. Overweight people who had the misconception that Weight Watchers plans were difficult to follow were in for a huge surprise in 2014. There was a lot of media coverage about the weight loss plan “Simple Start” from Weight Watchers. So, the existing as well as aspiring Weight Watchers members are really curious about what is so special about the “Simple Start” plan.  Read below as the specifics around the Simple Start Plan is unfolded here.

wwsimple_startWhat’s all the hype about the Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan?
Weight Watchers has developed a two week beginners’ weight loss module named Simple Start that will help their members in losing maximum weight during the initial two weeks. This Simple Start plan is an illustrative plan that will demonstrate the basics of the Weight Watchers weight loss lifestyle to the participants in an “easy to understand” manner.

What changes will take place in the WW weight loss methodology?
The basic points plus system and scientific basis of Weight Watchers products isn’t going to be altered. The Simple Start plan also incorporates the concept of eating high protein, high fiber, sufficient good carbohydrates, low salt, low alcohol and low fat proportion in the meals which has been promoted by Weight Watchers for the last 50 years. But you won’t have to do points plus calculations or activity adjustments during the two weeks of following the Simple Start plan as it will provide you all the necessary weight loss data on the platter.

Learn the ABC’s of weight loss with this creative Simple Start plan
The Simple Start plan is not just a two week “quick weight loss” strategy,  it is a very informative plan that makes you aware of healthy yet comfortable eating. The Simple Start plan teaches you how to manage hunger cravings and how to pick delicious food options that are healthy too. The comprehensive Simple Start kit and mobile app helps you to learn how to keep track of the food even while traveling and eating out. You can either use the Simple Start booklets or the Simple Start mobile app if you enroll. The Simple Start online will be provided to all Weight Watchers members.

How the Simple Start weight loss plan ensures even more weight loss success?
The excitement of following any weight loss plan increases when a dieter can see visible weight loss results in a short span of time. That’s why the weight loss success increases when a dieter starts with a plan like Simple Start which facilitates quick and easy weight loss in simply two weeks of conscious eating. This is  so because the dieter’s mind is prepared to deal with the future weight loss challenges and emotional upheavals due to increase in confidence level.

Weight Watchers Online Review

weight watchers online promotion code 2014The Weight Watchers Online product has been built as an alternative option to attending meetings, and is a complete tool for your weight loss experience. It covers many topics dedicated to giving your body the support you require when trying to stay healthy. Weight Watchers Online is made with customizations in mind. You can customize your plan through a variety of tools dedicated to helping you correct your eating habits.

It utilizes a number of programs that you can access online through a computer or through a mobile device. It has never been easier for you to lose weight than now thanks to this feature.



Traditional Solutions

The tools below help you learn about the program and follow the plan:

Plan Guides
A number of standbys are available for you to utilize as you are on the program. You can access the Plan Guides to help you figure out what you should be eating. You can adjust a guide based on the foods that you want to eat and how you are looking to prepare them. This includes adjusting them based on the daily limits that you want to set up for yourself.

You have full control over what you will eat during your weight loss program. The Plan Guides are designed to simply facilitate your decision-making processes so you can make the right decisions about whatever it is you want to eat.

These guides will also plan workouts for you and keep track of your progress. You have to use this so you can figure out what you want to get out of your body.

Nutritional Database
A massive food database is also available to help you in dietary selections. This database includes tens of thousands of foods alongside their nutritional statistics. You can use this information to figure out the PointsPlus values to help you track

Weight Watchers has more than three thousand different recipes for you to choose from! You can eat what you want on the plan, but browse the recipes if you are looking for ideas to spice up your menu. Each is displayed based on the ingredients you will use and their nutritional features.

Cheat Cheats
Cheat Sheets are also included to give you suggestions on how to follow the plan in specific environments. Not sure what are the best bets to order at the bar or at a barbeque? check the guides out. You should understand what you can do with your foods when you use these Cheat Sheets because the information on these sheets is displayed to be as easy to work alongside as possible.

Mobile Features
Weight Watchers Online has several mobile apps designed to make it easier for you to follow the plan. These can be accessed from any spot that you have an online connection to. You just have to use an appropriate tablet or smartphone to use these applications.

Weight Watchers Mobile is particularly useful for cases where you are going to head out to a restaurant and require help with deciding what foods you should order based on your dietary requirements. The mobile features of this program are great considering how so many restaurants prepare foods that might be harmful to your body. While it is true that your routine will have absolutely no restrictions, it still helps to use the mobile features of this program to help you see what’s best for your body based on what you should be eating.

Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner

One of the most interesting tools is the barcode scanning application. You can use this on a mobile device that has a camera system. You will point your device’s camera onto a barcode of a particular food product. The application will then look up the food and come up with a PointsPlus values based on what’s in the Weight Watchers food database.

The application will list information on all of the nutritional facts of whatever it is you have scanned. This is important for shopping purposes because you will figure out with this program how certain foods might end up being better for you than others. Think of it as though you had your very own health book with you except that you don’t have to lug around a huge guide and leaf through so many pages just to find something.

Storehouse of Information

You will receive all sorts of information dedicated to the program when you enter the online program as well. Weight Watchers has a large online community that features all sorts of details on how you can lose weight.

You will have access to a large variety of articles, reports and checklists relating to the many things that you can do with weight loss in mind. These articles include a variety of tips and procedures that you can use as well as some of the newest ways how you can lose weight and keep that weight off after a while.

Many of the informative reports that you’ll get can be personalized based on what you have been doing while on the system. This includes ideas on how you can maintain your current rate of weight loss or how you can change your exercise patterns around. The things that you will learn off of this program are important as they relate to everything you have to do in order to keep your body healthy.

Weight Watchers Online is there to give you a sense of control over your body. You can use this product to track your weight loss processes, check on foods you can eat and even learn more about weight loss and the whole bargain. Everything you do in this program is dedicated to giving you the best support you could possibly have.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Review

You can get access to a variety of services from the Weight Watchers program when you have a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. This pass will give you access to all sorts of features that come with the Weight Watchers program. The monthly pass is there to give you the support you require so you can lose weight the right way. You can use this card to get access to Weight Watchers meetings as well as the many online tools.  Monthly Pass is their best value and available in participating areas only.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Features

ww_monthlypassThe Weight Watchers Monthly Pass is a plan that will give you access to a large variety of services. This is good on a monthly basis and will give you access to a large variety of items.

The Pass will provide you with access to Weight Watchers meetings. You just have to present your pass at the door at any place in the country where a meeting is being held in. The best part of this feature is that there are no limits with regards to how many meetings you can attend each month. You just have to go to the Weight Watchers website to search for details on where and when you can attend meetings.

The pass also includes access to the eTools and apps that Weight Watchers has to offer online. These include such things as a full database that features details on all the foods you can use here. You’ll also get access to details on a variety of exercises that you can engage in. These include such exercises that target specific parts of your body.

Tools will give you access to a massive variety of recipes. There are more than three thousand recipes that include some of the many different foods that you’ll find. There are more than forty thousand different foods that you can learn about in this program.

It gives you a chance to do more than just help you learn how to lose weight and what you can do in order to keep your weight from being more of a problem than it has to be. It also helps you to stay motivated during your program. You have to use the information covered in this program to give yourself an sense of feeling and confidence that suggests that you can go anywhere in this system without any problems getting in the way.

Monthly Pass Cost

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. You can pay for a Monthly Pass at a local Weight Watchers Meeting or signup on the Weight Watchers website.

The cost of the service depends primarily on the location that you live in. A typical monthly fee will go for around $42.95 per month. This means that you will pay less than ten dollars a week to get into the program.

This is better than what you might spend when getting into other programs. Programs that involve pre-packaged foods often cost more to get into than the Weight Watchers program. The Weight Watchers program will work just as well for you when it comes to controlling your body. The big difference is that the Weight Watchers program does not have the huge restrictions that so many more expensive programs might use.

Monthly Pass Key Points

There are a few other things to know about the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass. For example, you will get a new card each month when you are on the Weight Watchers plan.

In addition, you will be charged for a new card each month while you are on the plan. This will automatically occur until you officially cancel your membership. This is a useful feature because you will not have to make payments at every meeting you go to. You just have to present your pass card to the person at the door when attending the meeting. There’s no requirement to actually make a payment just to get this all taken care of.

You should try using a Monthly Pass to help you get the most out of the Weight Watchers program. It will give you access to everything you might need no matter what you want to do for your particular weight loss goals.


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